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Vinesmoke rediscovers hundreds of years of skill, experience and unique culture to bring you a smoking BBQ wood made from grapevines used to produce premium wines.
About Vinesmoke


For hundreds of years, European wineries have used grape vine prunings to smoke meats when preparing food for their families and in their local restaurants. At VineSmoke™ we aim to bring this centuries-old practice to all BBQ aficionados to enjoy the rich, bold and complex flavors created by this process. Our product is a natural, repurposed byproduct, recycled, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced from highly selected vineyards.



VineSmoke is taking contemporary BBQ sophistication to new heights. Every year in the fall, after the grape harvest, vineyards all over the world skillfully prune back their grapevines to ensure healthy regrowth the next season.

VineSmoke™ repurposes these vines into the perfect flavored smoking wood which can be used in a variety of ways to smoke meat or vegetables using a charcoal grill, a gas grill or by just using the vines themselves. Want to know what the next big thing in BBQ is? You just found it. Fire up your grill.



For Charcoal Grills

For Charcoal Grills

Wood Fire Grills

Wood Fire Grills

For Gas Grills

For Gas Grills

Cru· is a French word meaning “growth” and this word is used to describe a vineyard or group of vineyards recognized by their high quality. It is also used in wine to refer to the wine made from those vineyards or that the wine exhibits typical characteristics of that Cru. The terms “Premier Cru, Grand Cru, etc are used to designate levels of presumed quality of wine with Grand Cru being the highest level.

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Add a touch of Wine Flavor to your favorite meals.

Vinesmoke offers several dynamic dining options, ideal for both relaxed cooks and professionals alike.

Bag Size: 180, 570, & 1040 cubic inch bags 
GMO Free: 100% Transparency

Vinesmoke Wines

“Unparalleled Quality. Sustainably Created”

Bringing it full circle, VineSmoke is proud to offer specially crafted wines
sourced responsibly and sustainably made from grapes grown on the very vines
later used as prunings in our smoking wood BBQ products. This is a zero waste, environmentally responsible process that we aim to share with the world.

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay

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